Digital Marketing
About this course

Digital marketing is one of the most trending courses in India at the moment. The domain has grabbed the attention of all businesses. Almost every big Indian firm is now investing a lot in making an effective online presence. Consequently, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing proficient in a cosmopolitan metropolis like Mumbai.

This needs special skillsets, experience, knowledge, and application to strategize, plan, create and execute digital marketing campaigns. This is where the actual value of digital marketing lies. And this results in the vast scope for digital marketing professionals.

Here are a few benefits of having a Digital Marketing career:

  • As the demand for digital marketers is really high, the salaries are becoming higher and higher.
  • The domain provides you with the flexibility to work. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.
  • You can start your own blog or your own website.

What are job prospects of Doing this course?

Digital Marketing industry is worth $68 billion. While other industries are struggling with a sheer growth of 5 to 10 percent, the digital marketing sector is booming with 40% growth rate. Times of India had reported that Digital Marketing will create 20 Lakh jobs in India by 2020.

Course Content
Core Modules
  • Module 1: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Module 2: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 4: Email Marketing
  • Module 5: Inbound Marketing
  • Module 6: Web Analytics
Specialization Modules
  • Module 1: Facebook Marketing
  • Module 2: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Module 3: How to become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?
  • Module 4: Media Buying & Planning
  • Module 5: E-commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling
  • Module 6: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 7: Programmatic marketing
  • Module 8: Content marketing Course
  • Module 9: How to create an Infographic Resume?
  • Module 10: Adobe Analytics
  • Module 11: Lead Sourcing.
Soft Skills

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Corporate Training

Corporate life offers several challenges which young aspiring candidates often are unprepared for. This program will help the students transitioning from student life to a professional life in order to thrive in the professional world.