Software Development
About this course

The IT sector has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years and its growth is expected to keep on rising as different economies all over the world embrace technology and the benefits it can deliver to their business. The below are the major benefits of a career in IT industry:

  • You’ll be in high demand
  • IT offers a rewarding career and new challenges everyday

  • High Salary Levels
  • Guaranteed Job Security
Course Content
Module 1
  • Introduction to Programming Language
  • Getting Started with C#
  • Logic Building and Problem Solving
  • Source Control with GIT
  • Developer Tools and Techniques
Module 2
  • Introduction Databases
  • Getting SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Programming Paradigm Object Oriented vs Functional Programming
Module 3
  • Type of Developer and their Approach Style
  • Best Practices and Intro to Design Patterns
  • HTML and CSS
  • Build Web API in C#
Module 4
  • Server-Side Programming in NodeJS
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Agile Methodologies, Scrum, XP, Kanban
  • Interview Cracks and Hacks
Soft Skills

If you are a student and are looking to improve your chances to take on the corporate ladder this program promises to provide you more than an edge over your competition.

Corporate Training

Corporate life offers several challenges which young aspiring candidates often are unprepared for. This program will help the students transitioning from student life to a professional life in order to thrive in the professional world.